Information about Personalized Illustrations

Information about illustration commissions:

•The price for one illustration is $30 per person/pet and $10 for each additional person/pet. The maximum persons/pets per illustration is 4.

•The payment can be done through ATH Mobile or Pay Pal, and you should do a 50% deposit to confirm your order.

•There are two styles to choose from (available in the Google Form you’ll need to fill out to make an order). Other styles of illustration won’t be done, no matter what.

•I can make an illustration using combinations of various pictures. I can also add elements that are not present on the pictures to add a unique and special touch. This service has an additional cost which will depend on the creation you want.

•The waiting time for you illustration to be done is approximately 4 to 8 weeks. You can send me a message during this period to know the status of your order if you’d like.

•I’ll be creating 20 illustrations each cycle to guarantee your illustration will be delivered in the time indicated. If any situation affects this creation and delivery period I will be communicating with you to indicate it.

•Changes are limited to two per illustration so try to be clear and precise on what you want to change. Try to indicate in one message the changes you’d like (if any).

•Once your illustration is finished it will be sent through email with a very high resolution, allowing you to print it wherever you’d like. I won’t be working on physical deliveries of the illustrations for the time being.

It is necessary you understand and agree with this information to make your order.

Steps to order your illustration commission:

  1. You must choose the picture you like the most to be illustrated before you complete your order. You can choose more than one picture for various illustrations.
  2. You must send me a message through Facebook or Instagram to confirm your order, and in case you’d like a special creation to consult how much would it be.
    *If you don’t confirm your order with me and/or don’t make your payment within 7 days your order will be cancelled and removed from the creation list.
  3. Proceed to send me the picture (or pictures) you’d like illustrated to let you know if it can be done. You can send it through my socials or my email ( If necessary, I will ask for more pictures for reference so I can adequately illustrate your photo.
  4. At the moment you’ll send your picture to be illustrated you should consider the following: skin color of the people and pets in the picture, the quality of the picture and the details you’d like highlighted. I will make changes only if the necessary references and/or indications were provided and if the illustration error was mine.

***Once these first steps are completed, I’ll confirm if I received all the information and the payment. If so, your order will be added to the creation and wait list.

  1. When your illustration is done it will be sent to confirm if you wish to change something or if you like it just as it is.
  2. Once you are satisfied with your illustration, it will be sent through email.

It is necessary you understand and agree with these steps to make your order.

*Due to my studies, I will be taking longer with the illustration orders. I am a full-time doctoral student, so I ask for your patience and understanding. You can send me messages to know the status of your order, but keep in mind that I am not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will do my best to always keep you informed of the status of your order. All illustrations are done with a lot of love and attention to detail, the wait is worth it. *

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