Fluid Art. Abstract colorful background, wallpaper, texture. Mixing  paints. Modern art. Marble texture

About me

Born and raised in the mountains of Puerto Rico, I discovered my passion to create and explore the world early on. Growing up I received many awards and acknowledgments for my art, and surprised many when I shared my desire to become a scientist.

Throughout my studies, I developed an interest in working continuously towards inclusivity and mentorship among students like me.

My desire to help others through my work inspired me to create many initiatives and programs in the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey during my leadership as president of the National Biological Honor Society (BBB) Zeta Epsilon Chapter.

I created the Biological Pairing Research Program, the B(i)OS Journal Club and A Helping Hand, as well as other smaller programs, with the purpose to promote community outreach and science amongst minority students.

I am now a doctoral

candidate at Ponce Health Sciences University working towards obtaining a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. I have worked in projects involving the use of programming languages such as Python, as well as the implementation of visual arts to improve cognitive measurements, under the supervision of Dr. Mario Bermonti at the CLT Lab.

I have contributed to the creation of tools such as mSpelling, Stimpool, and Wdiff, made with Python v3.

At the moment, I am working on the modification of a cognitive task to measure sustained attention with visual arts for young adults who are diagnosed with ADHD from Puerto Rico.

I have also worked in research projects involving the impact of socioeconomic experiences and chronic conditions on mental health in Puerto Rico, and I am currently exploring the relationship of resilience and social support with mental health outcomes such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Recently, to continue my interest in outreach, I created the project "Estoy Sanando" as a way to advocate for mental health and promote healing amongst hispanic/latinx and spanish speaking communities.

I also collaborate as an Associate Editor for the Ibero-American Journal of Neuropsychology, and worked as a Graphic Designer and Content Creator for the Psychology Association of Puerto Rico and the PROSPECT study from Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health.