Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at Ponce Health Sciences University


My name is Almarely L. Berríos Negrón. I am a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology (PhD) and research assistant at Ponce Health Sciences University under the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

I am a certified graphic designer, with training and experience in visual arts, programming language (coding), and cognition. I have worked in projects involving the use of programming languages such as Python, as well as the implementation of visual arts to improve engagement through visual stimulation and increased engagement. Particularly, I have contributed to the creation of tools such as mSpelling, Stimpool, and Wdiff, made with Python v3. These experiences have allowed me to gain competencies in the use of programming languages to create tools focused on the improvement of the measurement of cognitive abilities through the implementation of visual arts. I am currently working on the creation of a tool to measure sustained attention, with visual arts, in Hispanic/Latinx adults who are diagnosed with ADHD from Puerto Rico.

I have also worked previously in research projects involving the impact of socioeconomic experiences and chronic conditions on mental health in Puerto Rico as these surround my interests too. Thus, I am currently working on studying the relationship of adverse childhood experiences and resilience on mental health outcomes in Puerto Rican adults as well. This work is done in collaboration with FDI Clinical Research and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health under the PROSPECT study.

Research interests:


Visual arts


Mental health: Depression & anxiety symptoms


Research software

Adverse childhood experiences

Cognitive functioning: Language & Sustained attention

Recent research experiences:

Research Assistant at FDI Clinical Research
(2021 – present)
I am a research assistant in Puerto Rico Observational Study of Psychosocial, Environmental, and Chronic Disease Trends (PROSPECT) study under the supervision of Dr. Sigrid Mendoza. The study examines the different health determinants that contribute to the overall health conditions of Puerto Ricans. My work consists of conducting screening interviews and collecting biomedical measurements and samples such as:  bloodwork, saliva, hair, blood pressure and weight.

Research Assistant at Cognition, Learning and Technology Lab (PHSU)
(2020 – present)
I am a research assistant in the CLT lab under the supervision of Dr. Mario Bermonti-Perez. Our work currently focuses on understanding how cognition supports learning, developing software research tools to facilitate conducting research on these topics, and developing technology-based assessment tools for cognition and academic skills.

Research Assistant at Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU)
(2020 – present)
I am a research assistant in the project of student Jeffrey Ramos, under the supervision of Dr. Elliut Rivera, titled ‘Burnout experiences among Puerto Rican health professionals following hurricane Maria’. I have worked doing interviews, and I am currently working with transcriptions and codifications in order to identify diverse burnout experiences.


Adverse Childhood Experiences may be mitigated by Resilience in Mental Health Outcomes among adults living in Puerto Rico presented at the 2nd Puerto Rico Public Health Summit (Awarded 1rst Place Poster Presentation).

Berríos-Negrón, Almarely1; Mendoza, Sigrid2; O’Neill, June3, Rodríguez-Orengo, José2; and Mattei, Josemier3.

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Ponce Health Sciences University, 2 FDI Clinical Research, San Juan, Puerto Rico,
3 Department of NutritionHarvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Franco-Ortiz, M., Méndez, Y., Berríos-Negrón, A., Torres, L., Espada, A., & Rivera, C. (2016). Educación subgraduada y pobreza: Investigacion y reflexiones en torno al acceso y retencion de estudiantes con desventaja socioeconomica. Revista Puertorriqueña de Psicología, 27(2), 242-258. →Read it here.

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